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Sales tax is a complex issue, but we've made it extremely simple.

You will NEVER pay SALES TAX if you are in the USA. (Please note Canadians pays GST or HST, no duty, prices in USD$)

How Can We Do This?
We are required by law to collect sales tax if we make a sale in the same state where we have facilities. Because we do not have distributon facilities in every state in the United States  it is unlikely that we will need to collect sales tax on the majority of orders.

If you happen to live in one of the States that we have warehouses in, we will pay the sales tax for you. In those instances, we graciously accept the loss, hoping the simplicity will reward us with more customers in the long run.

If you buy in a big box store from one of the major home improvement centers, you're pretty much guaranteed to pay sales tax because they have facilities in every state. Thats extra savings in your pocket!

For Canadians customers you do not pay duty, however, you do have to pay GST or HST sales tax per province. After you place the order we will resend you invoice including taxes.